About Us

Golcar Local, really is local!

We know our Village is a great place to live, work and socialise, there are some amazing community groups and events which happen year-round.

When we first had the idea for Golcar Local, we realised that although there are loads of community events going on, a lot of people in the village didn’t know about them, so we wanted to help bring the community together, advertise upcoming events and produce a publication that showcases our village of Golcar.

We have designed Golcar Local to be community focused, with editorial space for community leaders and local councillors, a what’s on guide covering upcoming events and space for community groups to advertise their meeting nights.

Golcar Local is a not-for-profit publication, managed and distributed by 4th Golcar Explorer Scouts, supported by local businesses or business which already support 4th Golcar Scout Group.

From the outset we wanted a down to earth, environmentally friendly publication, so when it is recycled, it will recycle in the quickest and best possible way.

Whilst our print is basic and functional when it’s coupled with good design, it raises the visual quality of the publication and stands out to our readership.

The mono / plus a spot colour is an environmentally friendly soy based ink, with the printing process using less electricity to put the ink on paper.

Advertising pays for the publication printing costs and it’s a great way to support the community of Golcar.

Our print run will be 3,500 copies, which will be hand delivered to homes around Golcar by Explorer Scouts, we are also working on having copies available within the village and at key locations within the local area, which will increase the reach of our publication.