September 2018 – Golcar Lily Day

Just over fourteen years ago some Golcar People got together to decide whether or not we should have a special day for Golcar. Marsden and Slaithwaite had theirs, so why not us?
A lot of people got together for the first meeting and we began to plan. A year later the first Golcar Lily Day arrived. 14th May 2006. I don’t really think that we could believe it when that first day started. Beech School gospel choir opened that first day along with Golcar Band. The planning had concentrated hard on two aspects of Golcar; music and food! And they have been at the heart of the day ever since.
Why Golcar Lily Day? The people born in Golcar, male and female, are Golcar Lilies. There are many ideas to explain this. Did the people of Golcar give their last drops of water to the lily of the valley during a drought? Did John Wesley come riding up out of the valley from the smoke and smog and declare that the people of Golcar were as fair as lilies? Who can tell. But Golcar Lilies they are.
Next year it will be the 13th village celebration day. The environment group has grown and the village has benefitted from their enthusiasm and energy. The activities on the day have changed year by year. But really we’ve done what we set out to do. We have a jolly good party every year for Golcar!
Sue Starr

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